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Global Express

1998 Bombardier Global Express


Kiwijet is proud to present this gorgeous low time Global Express which has recent paint and interior with no damage history and complete logs since new. Both engines are on Corporate Care with Smart Parts Plus.


  • Very low total time and cycles
  • 14 hour plus range
  • Mach .85/488 knot cruise speed
  • Range of over 6,000 nautical miles
  • Low takeoff and landing speeds and short field capability
  • 14 passenger cabin configuration
  • Forward and Aft lavatories
  • Forward galley
  • Genesys Airshow System
GulfStream v

2001 Gulfstream V

The Gulfstream Business Jet Travel Experience 

Considering your entire travel experience, the least enjoyable time is most likely your transit time. And while commercial airlines do put some minimal effort into offering an enjoyable business travel experience, that pales in comparison with the comfort of private Gulfstream luxury business jet travel with all the amenities you deserve. Both engines are on Corporate Care and the aircraft has both EVS and HUD.

The owner of this Gulfstream Business Jet has maintained complete logs over the last 7 years. This extraordinary airplane is now for sale on The Find Group listed by Kiwijet. 



The Long-Range Gulfstream G550 Luxury Business Jet

The technological advances and upgrades of the record-breaking Gulfstream G550 include pilot heads-up displays on the flight deck and optional synthetic vision. You’ll feel refreshed in-flight using low-altitude cabin pressure. A cabin-management system via apps can be operated using your mobile or wireless handheld devices.

Measuring almost 44 feet, the cabin offers great versatility with several different options of working and living spaces, depending on the layout. For instance, the G550 cabin can fit a conference room, a private stateroom, an entertainment space, a crew rest area, or beds for eight people.