Silent Yachts

Silent Yachts Dealer

The forefront of luxury solar-electric yacht innovation & sustainability
At THE FINDGROUP, we are proud to be the authorized dealer for Silent Yachts, the pioneers of solar-powered yachting. Silent Yachts, pioneers since 2009, introduced the world to solar-powered yachting.

About Silent Yachts

What distinguishes our solar-electric yachts from others in the market? It’s our deep-rooted experience and expertise in solar technology. Since the mid-1990s, Silent Yachts has been at the forefront of integrating solar power and large battery banks to replace traditional generators. This innovation provides all the energy necessary for onboard household appliances.

Furthermore, we pioneered the solar-electric drivetrain in the mid-2000s. With around 30 years of dedicated effort to perfecting sustainable energy solutions on yachts, Silent Yachts has become a leader in optimizing solar energy use in the maritime industry.

Solar yachting is a completely different experience. Using latest technologies in intelligent ways, it is possible to create luxury yachts with infinite range that require virtually no refueling or drive-train maintenance at all. And when cruising in complete silence, at one with the sea and its ecosystem, you do so in total comfort, experiencing the sea and sea life in all new, harmonious ways.

Why Solar Power?

The effectiveness of solar power on yachts hinges on the ability to capture maximum solar energy. This requires a substantial area of photovoltaic cells positioned optimally towards the sun. The expansive top surface of a multi-hull yacht is especially well-suited for this purpose, as exemplified by designs like those of Silent Yachts. Before the innovation of solar-powered sailing, large motor yachts traveled oceans with considerable environmental impact, burning vast amounts of fossil fuels.

In contrast, solar yachting offers a radically different experience. By leveraging the latest technologies, it is now possible to craft luxury yachts that can travel endlessly with minimal need for refueling or drivetrain maintenance. Cruising silently across the seas aligns perfectly with the ecosystem, enhancing comfort and providing a serene, harmonious experience with marine life.