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Crafted with a focus on Design, comfort and utility.
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Each Silvercraft boat is crafted with a focus on structural integrity and safety, providing features that have maintained the brand's popularity among fishing aficionados and families for over thirty years.

About Silvercraft

These boats cater to a variety of water-based activities, including pleasure cruising, sport fishing, water-skiing, as well as serving military and coast guard purposes. The range features diverse models, each boasting advanced hull designs for optimal performance. Over time, Silvercraft has expanded its offerings, showcasing a variety of sizes, capacities, and styles, all while upholding the Gulf Craft legacy of innovation and high-quality standards.

About Gulf Craft

With a fleet of recreational vessels navigating the seas, Gulf Craft has established a strong and loyal customer base. Rooted in regional maritime traditions and its powerboat racing background, Gulf Craft has emerged as a leading manufacturer of fiberglass powerboats globally. Its vessels are designed for both leisurely and extensive fishing trips, proven to withstand challenging conditions from the tumultuous waves off Australia’s southern coast and South Africa’s Cape Town to the serene Norwegian fjords.