Amphibious Boat 8.4M – Ocean Craft Marine

These recreational amphibious boats from THE FINDGROUP will open up a whole new world of sea and land experiences. With the ability to drive directly into the water with you and your guests aboard and to visit previously inaccessible areas providing unprecedented convenience, mobility, and accessibility on sea and land.

The Future Of Boating Has Arrived

These Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) are much more than just boats on wheels because they are powered by an independently operated system that can control either two or four wheel drive for maximum traction on any surface.The steerable 4WD wheels that fully retract in the water and offer high traction and stability on land for exceptional on-water performance.

RHIBs Custom Designed To Order

Ocean Craft Marine amphibious boats are all custom designed to order starting 7m/22 ft.
Some components of the vessel are specifically customized such as the color, seating arrangement, barbecue or camping tent that are additional options that can be added to allow for overnight camping on land without leaving the boat.

  • High Traction

    Four wheels driven independently by four motors delivers superior traction, with the boat’s weight divided across all four wheels.

  • Designed To Your Specifications

    Completely customizable by configuration, color, hull type, tubes, engine, seating, top, accessories, and options.

  • More Time On The Water

    The fuel tank capacity of 770 L offers you more range which means more time on the water.

  • Fiberglass or Aluminum hull construction to military specifications provides optimal performance in tactical maneuvers and at all speeds.
  • Reinforced air or Hypalon foam-filled tubes reduce the risk of boat damage during boarding operations, offer stability and steadiness during personnel transfer and movement onboard.
  • Configurable to multiple missions to meet the demands of each operation, the environment, and conditions.
  • All boats have European CE approval, NMMA, and ABYC certifications.
  • Ocean Craft Marine is one of only a few Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) manufacturers with the USCG Sub-Chapter “T” certification.
  • All boats are extensively tested in extreme conditions before release to the public.

Length Overall: 8.8 m – 28’11”
Beam Overall: 2.55 m – 8’4″
Tube diameter: 0.45 m – 1’6”
Weight: 1,450 kg – 3,197 Ibs
Fuel Capacity: 60 – 100 gal
Recommended Power: 200 hp
Max Power allowed: 350 hp
Maximum speed: 80 km/h – 50 mph
No of Pax: 15 No. on water & 8 No. on land
Classification: B