Amphibious Boat 9.8M – Ocean Craft Marine

Engineered for safety and performance

At 9.8M, the BAS-80-4 Amphibious Boat by Ocean Craft Marine is designed to carry multiple passengers, perfect for a tour group. Its deep-V hull with reverse chines makes for a smooth, dry ride with enhanced stability. The unique hull design increases the vessel’s operational range per gallon of fuel carried and consumed. Laid out with bench seating and under-seat storage, it’s ideal for 13 people and a driver on board.

Just about any tourist will tell you that a boating or diving excursion was the highlight of their vacation. Resorts and tour companies gladly offer sight-seeing expeditions, diving and snorkeling excursions, or sporting activities on the water, typically packaged by the hour or as all-day outings.  While a tour boat can certainly handle that, now there is another option that goes above and beyond expectations to deliver the most expansive adventure you can imagine. Amphibious tour boats.

Built To Access Remote Beaches And Coves Once Considered Inaccessible

Engineered for safety and performance, this amphibious boat is equipped with a main engine plus another smaller engine as a backup. It is also powered by the advanced BAS-80-4 Amphibious System by OCM which consists of four motorized wheels that operate independently completely retract in the water. 

  • Reach Your Destination Fast

    The ability to access once inaccessible areas including remote beaches, coves, and islands

  • Built to Handle Rough Conditions

    A way to navigate all sea conditions such as shallow, deep, and even rough water with ease to offer a more expansive experience

  • USCG Sub-Chapter “T” certification

    Ocean Craft Marine’s Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) are USCG Sub-Chapter “T” certified. They also control the entire manufacturing process from design to delivery which translates into greater flexibility with customization, faster response times, and quicker delivery.

  • Safety Certifications & Testing

    OCM has European CE approval, NMMA, and ABYC certifications on all boats.
    Extensive testing in extreme conditions is performed on all boats before being released to the public.

  • Fully Customizable

    The OCM Amphibious Boat is fully customizable from the color, hull, engine, top, and more to accommodate specific requirements. Multiple different seating options are available, as well as various consoles and canopies, and even extras such as diving tank racks and an onboard shower.

  • Ocean Craft Marine manufactures a comprehensive line of boats for military, professional, and recreational applications.

    • Tour & transport
    • Eco-tourism
    • Whale watching
    • Sightseeing expeditions
    • Snorkeling & diving excursions
    • Personnel transport to and from offshore locations

Length Overall: 10.3 m – 33’10”
Beam Overall: 3.17 m – 10’5”
Tube diameter: 0.56 m – 1’10”
Weight: 1,740 kg – 3,836 Ibs
Fuel Capacity: 60 – 205 gal
Recommended Power: 400 hp
Max Power allowed: 800 hp
Maximum speed: 85 km/h – 53 mph
No of Pax: 15 No. on water & 5 No. on land
Classification: B