Sharrow XO™

Step aboard the pinnacle of maritime innovation and excellence, the award-winning Sharrow XO™, exclusively available through, your esteemed authorized dealer for luxurious yachting experiences worldwide.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Sharrow XO™ embodies the pinnacle of engineering perfection, meticulously CNC machined in the USA from premium quality stainless steel alloy. Each component is meticulously LAB finished to over 10 times the industry standard of accuracy, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability that surpasses even the most exacting blueprint specifications.

As you set sail aboard the Sharrow XO™, you’ll be captivated by its unrivaled craftsmanship and attention to detail. From its sleek silhouette to its flawless finish, every aspect of this extraordinary yacht propeller reflects a commitment to excellence and sophistication.

Experience the thrill of smooth and efficient propulsion as the Sharrow XO™ effortlessly glides through the water with unparalleled grace and precision. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or embarking on an oceanic adventure, this remarkable propeller delivers unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring a seamless journey every time.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury and performance with the award-winning Sharrow XO™, available exclusively through Elevate your yachting experience and embark on a journey of unparalleled sophistication and refinement aboard this extraordinary vessel.

For Yamaha V8 and Mercury V10 engines