SilverCat 34HT

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Experience the epitome of outdoor luxury with the SilverCAT34HT’s fiberglass hard top, providing a spacious area of shade ideal for entertaining and various utility applications. Whether you’re casting a line, exploring underwater depths, or simply socializing with friends and family, the folding cockpit seats ensure maximum versatility and comfort for every endeavor.

Embrace the thrill of high-speed cruising as the potent engine options propel you to exhilarating speeds of up to 50 knots, promising an unforgettable journey across the open waters.

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Twin Hull Catamaran

Hull Material:

Length Overall :
34 ft 5 in (10.47 m)

10 ft 8 in (3.24 m)

3.8 tons

Fuel tank capacity:
300 US gal (1,136 l)

Water tank capacity:
20 US gal (75.7 l)

Max. Recommended HP:
600 hp (448 kW)


10 persons
Max loud (including all persons):
2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg)