Silvercraft 32 WA

Introducing the exquisite Silvercraft 32 WA, a testament to Gulf Craft’s commitment to innovation and quality in the recreational marine market. The Find Group, as an authorized dealer, is proud to present this stunning addition to the Silvercraft lineage, renowned for its elegant design and functional prowess.

At a commanding length of 32 feet 4 inches (9.85 meters), the Silvercraft 32 WA boasts a sleek and modern profile, with aesthetics that epitomize luxury and innovation. Its design is a tribute to the regional love for sea-bound family escapades and the sport of fishing, featuring unmatched ergonomics and an enhanced layout to elevate your cruising experience.

The craft’s open front seamlessly transforms into a queen-size bed, offering a sanctuary of relaxation after a day under the sun. Accompanied by a well-equipped kitchen and a spacious en suite cabin, the Silvercraft 32 WA stands as the quintessential vessel for both day trips and extended getaways.

Powered by twin outboard engines, available in either 300HP or 400HP configurations, the Silvercraft 32 WA ensures a smooth and exhilarating journey, reaching speeds of up to 42 knots without compromising fuel efficiency. Its shallow draft of just 1 foot 9 inches (0.59 meters) allows for exceptional stability and maneuverability, ensuring a seamless voyage through diverse weather conditions and seasons.

As a distinguished member of The Find Group’s curated collection, the Silvercraft 32 WA is more than just a yacht; it’s a lifestyle statement. It embodies the pinnacle of nautical engineering, paired with the aesthetic sophistication that seasoned mariners demand. We invite you to experience the pinnacle of maritime luxury and engineering prowess with the Silvercraft 32 WA, available exclusively through The Find Group.


Length overall
32 ft 4 in (9.85 m)

10 ft 6 in (3.20 m)

1 ft 9 in (3.20 m)

6 t approx.

Fuel tank capacity
198 US gal (750 l)

Water tank capacity
52 US gal (200 l)

Max horsepower
2 x 400 hp outboard
2 x 300 hp outboard