Silvercraft 36HT

Presented by THE FINDGROUP, an authorized dealer of the illustrious Silvercraft fleet, we are proud to unveil the Silvercraft 36 HT – a yacht that harmoniously blends formidable power with majestic grace. This vessel is not just a mode of transport; it is a statement of luxury, innovation, and unparalleled nautical artistry.

The Silvercraft 36 HT stands at a commanding length of 35 feet 9 inches (10.90 meters) with a beam of 10 feet 10 inches (3.30 meters), ensuring a balanced and spacious environment. Its draft of 2 feet (0.60 meters) coupled with a light displacement of approximately 4.5 tons, allows for nimble navigation through diverse waterways, from serene coastal inlets to the vast expanses of the open sea.


Under the hood, this yacht boasts a maximum horsepower of 600 hp from its outboard engines, merging efficiency with the thrill of speed. The fuel tank capacity of 250 US gallons (946 liters) and a water tank capacity of 50 US gallons (189 liters) endorse long voyages, liberating its occupants from the need for frequent stops and thus extending the exploration boundaries.

Designed with an avant-garde mindset, the Silvercraft 36 HT features a modern silhouette and a distinctive style that sets it apart in any marina. The hard-top configuration not only provides a refuge from the sun and rain but also offers an uninterrupted panoramic vista of the azure waters beyond, inviting the outside in and ensuring that every journey is as visually stunning as it is exhilarating.

The layout of the Silvercraft 36 HT is meticulously crafted with the seafarer’s comfort in mind, promising a harmonious blend of form and function. Whether you are angling in the rich fishing grounds or cruising on the high seas, this yacht promises a sanctuary where luxury meets adventure.

THE FINDGROUP takes immense pride in being the conduit to owning this masterpiece. As an authorized dealer of Silvercraft, we are dedicated to offering an experience that transcends the conventional, ensuring that every aspect of your journey with the Silvercraft 36 HT is as extraordinary as the vessel itself.

Embark on your next nautical adventure with the Silvercraft 36 HT, where every journey is a testament to the prowess and elegance of maritime engineering. Let THE FINDGROUP guide you to not just a yacht, but a legacy on the waves.


Length overall
35 ft 9 in (10.90 m)

10 ft 10 in (3.30 m)

2 ft (0.60 m)

4.5 t approx.

Fuel tank capacity
250 US gal (946 l)

Water tank capacity
50 US gal (189 l)

Max horsepower
600 hp outboard