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The Advantages of Ocean Craft Marine’s Boats

The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) by Ocean Craft Marine has a uniquely designed concave hull chine. When the vessel is underway sailing through the water and the waves, the concave chine dynamically directs the water downward which creates extra lift, reducing the wet surface along with the hull’s friction drag. The lighter weight and reduced drag increase speed with decreased fuel consumption and fuel cost, resulting in an overall increase in range per gallon of fuel carried and consumed.

The inflatable tube-set brings maximal buoyancy with lateral stability. If the boat is unevenly weighed down to one side such that the weight forces the air holding tube to touch the water, its intrinsic buoyancy will prevent it from tipping further or capsizing. 

Of note, when a properly designed RHIB is at a standstill or underway in good conditions, the tube-set may deflect random sea-spray but does not contact the water and is not required to keep the boat afloat. 

Ocean Craft


In the event of a puncture, separated air chambers ensure that the increased buoyancy created by the air tubes remains effective. Regardless of air tubes, the OCM RHIB efficiently propels itself although the air tubes provide the utmost safety


The OCM RHIB is significantly lighter than a conventional hard-sided boat due to the air tube collar construction. The lighter weight also makes it is easier to trailer behind a vehicle or lift onto the deck of a larger vessel.



The lightness of the Ocean Craft Marine vessel makes it more economical, allowing for a lower operating cost with a greater range.


Outstanding Speed

The weight-saving of the OCM RHIB ensures that the engine power outperforms similar power conventional hard-sided boats.


Remarkable Stability

The inflatable collars provide a stabilizing platform whether at rest or moving at top speed. This stability is particularly advantageous at top speed and in extreme sea conditions. RHIBs are used by Sea Rescue and Commercial craft because of their remarkable stability.


Shock Mitigation

The air holding collars essentially serve as shock mitigation in hazardous sea conditions. When coming up alongside for vessel boarding operations and PAX transfer, they also offer protrusive fendering.


Soft Ride

The air collars on the Ocean Craft Marine RHIB provide shock absorption observable in dangerous sea conditions.

Dry Ride

The air collars on the OCM RHIB greatly improve wave deflection which results in a drier ride and the ability to navigate more adverse conditions.


The versatility of the OCM RHIB is due to its large open deck space with a customizable layout. The safety and performance features also showcase its versatility in sea conditions.

Easy Launch and Retrieval

Because of the lightness of the Ocean Craft Marine RHIB, it is easy to launch and retrieve when compared to the process with a hard-sided boat.


Exceptional Load Carrying Capacity

OCM RHIBs provide a greater load-carrying capacity attributable to the inflatable collars that offer increased stability and buoyancy. This allows transportation of considerable weight without decreasing the performance.

Reduced Operational Cost

The reverse scalped chines of the OCM RHIB increase the lift, thus reducing the drag and ultimately reducing operational cost.


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